Professional service

The company carries on maintaining imported CO2 laser and changing laser work gas. Relying on abundant technology and perfect professional instrument equipment, we can maintain RF CO2 laser and change work gas for SYNRAD, COHERENT, UNIVERSAL . The service is reliable and fast. It has successfully maintained hundreds of imported RF CO2 laser of all kinds of brands.
Our company owns several sets of vacuum, non-oil exhaust system, imported vacuum instrument and imported laser power instrument. The equipment has good quality and mature technology, short maintain period and imported spare parts. The delivery time is 3 days after getting the products. The quality is reliable. The warranty time is 1 year after maintain. The actual useful time is over 2 years. Maintain projects include changing laser work gas, changing laser reflector, changing or maintaining electric power source, circuit wafer and so on.
We depend on the principle "quality first, customers are god".  We supply our customers with the top-ranking RF CO2 laser and the service of changing laser work gas.