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Nanjing Crd Laser Technology

Nanjing Crd Laser Technology CO,LTD. is the high new technology company which applies itself to working on the research and development, production and sales of CO2 Laser. It engages in producing RF CO2 Laser and related products which have the world’s most leading technology and are most widely used. RF CO2 Lasers produced by our company have been used many famous factories which produce Laser Marking Label machine, Engraving machine in China. CR series RF CO2 Laser has become the first choice of its key components (laser). Nanjing CRD laser equipment Co.. LTD has become the unique company which supplies to use RF CO2 under industrial environment.

The technicians are the professionals who have been researching, developing and producing RF CO2 laser for many years. The company gathers many talented people who have been in this field for over 20 years. In the field of RF CO2 laser, we have 10-year-experience of research and development. We will apply our professional knowledge, research chievement
and innovation spirit to supply the best product and service for our customers.

Nanjing CRD Laser Equipment Co., LTD produces CR series RF CO2 laser which can work all the time. The lasers are used in these fields: electronic component marking label, ceramic marking label, glass marking label, plastic marking label, button marking label, percussion cap marking label, wood engraving, special organism marking label and so on!

The company carries on maintaining imported CO2 laser and changing laser work gas. Relying on abundant technology and perfect professional instrument equipment, we can maintain RF CO2 laser and change work gas for SYNRAD,COHERENT . The service is reliable and fast.

Because Nanjing CRD Laser Equipment Co., LTD owns mature and advanced technology which enables the company develops and design for CNC laser processing equipment and related products. At the same time, we can supply technology consult and service for RF CO2 laser and ultra red optics series at home and abroad.

The company insists market as direct, technology as core and service as objective. We make the top-ranking RF CO2 laser products according to the policy “technology innovation, product innovation”. Our principle is “quality first, customer first”. Supply top-ranking products and maintain service.